Tax Reform Coalition Applauds Tax-Writing Chairmen in California

The Coalition for Fair Effective Tax Rates released the following statement about the visit of Sen. Max Baucus and Rep. Dave Camp to California businesses on August 19:

“The Coalition for Fair Effective Tax Rates commends Chairmen Baucus and Camp for highlighting the need to fix the broken federal Tax Code during their visit to California today. Silicon Valley is home to the types of firms that the Coalition represents and that would benefit from the fairer, simpler tax system the chairmen want to create. Businesses both large and small – and that pay corporate or individual taxes – would flourish if tax reform were enacted. We hope the voters of California listen to what Rep. Camp and Sen. Baucus have to say and, in turn, urge their elected representatives to support comprehensive tax reform.”

About Us:

The Coalition for Fair Effective Tax Rates is a diverse group representing more than 1,000,000 businesses, both large and small, whose mission is to educate Congress and key stakeholders that tax reform should be viewed through the lens of effective tax rates, the amount of taxes businesses actually pay. The Coalition intends to use the metric of effective tax rates to bolster the case for comprehensive tax reform that broadens the tax base while lowering tax rates for corporations and pass through businesses that pay taxes using individual tax rates.

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