The Coalition for Fair Effective Tax Rates and the RATE Coalition to Hold Event in Support of Comprehensive Tax Reform

WASHINGTON, D.C. – On Thursday, September 19, 2013 at 2:00 PM., the RATE Coalition and the Coalition for Fair Effective Tax Rates will host a joint press conference to advocate for tax reform that will benefit all U.S. businesses through the creation of a fairer tax system with lower tax rates for both corporations and businesses that pay taxes using individual rates.

Who: RATE Coalition Co-Chairs James P. Pinkerton and Elaine Kamarck and Coalition for Fair Effective Tax Rates Co-Chairs Dan Danner and Bill Hughes

What: Press conference to discuss reforming the tax code for American businesses.

When: Thursday, September 19, 2013…

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Tax Reform Coalition Commends Tax-Writing Chairmen for Bringing Tax Reform to Memphis

The Coalition for Fair Effective Tax Rates released the following statement regarding Sen. Max Baucus and Rep. Dave Camp’s visit to Memphis on September 9:

“The Coalition for Fair Effective Tax Rates applauds the chairmen of the tax-writing committees in Congress for continuing their cross-country campaign for tax reform with a stop today in Memphis. Sen. Max Baucus and Rep. Dave Camp plan to visit a small family-owned business and FedEx to illustrate that the federal tax system is broken for both large and small businesses paying corporate and individual rates. We hope Sen. Baucus and Rep. Camp gain the…

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Coalition for Fair Effective Tax Rates Adds 250,000 Businesses

Tax Reform Proponent Now Represents 1.5 Million Businesses

WASHINGTON, D.C., September 5, 2013 — The Coalition for Fair Effective Tax Rates, a group advocating comprehensive tax reform, increased the number of U.S. businesses it represents by 250,000 over the last month. The group’s membership has grown to 1.5 million from 1.25 million since July 31.

The Coalition has grown rapidly since its creation in July; it doubled in size in the first week. Its newest national members include the American Trucking Associations, the American Council of Engineering Companies and the National Confectioners Association. Nine state retailer associations also joined, contributing greatly to the Coalition’s expansion.
“On behalf of the…

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Congress Should Fix Uneven Business Taxation

A revenue-neutral, comprehensive tax overhaul should not give preferential treatment to any industry

By Dan Danner and Bill Hughes, Roll Call

Originally appeared on Roll Call on August 30, 2013

Tax reform is a hot topic in Congress these days and for good reason. Our current tax system is broken, complicated and clearly gives preference to some industries over others, which is obviously unfair.

A recent study by the respected accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers — and widely read on Capitol Hill — showed gigantic disparities among industries. Retailing, wholesaler-distributors and service providers had effective tax rates — the rate of taxes they actually paid — of 36.4 percent or higher. By contrast, utilities and other…

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Tax Reform Coalition Applauds Tax-Writing Chairmen in California

The Coalition for Fair Effective Tax Rates released the following statement about the visit of Sen. Max Baucus and Rep. Dave Camp to California businesses on August 19:

“The Coalition for Fair Effective Tax Rates commends Chairmen Baucus and Camp for highlighting the need to fix the broken federal Tax Code during their visit to California today. Silicon Valley is home to the types of firms that the Coalition represents and that would benefit from the fairer, simpler tax system the chairmen want to create. Businesses both large and small – and that pay corporate or individual taxes – would…

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PwC Study Finds Retail’s Disproportionate Tax Burden Stifles Investment and Consumer Savings

Tax reform could lead to job creation, higher wages, lower prices and increased investment

Arlington, VA – November 14, 2012

A PricewaterhouseCoopers report commissioned by the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) finds that comprehensive tax reform that reduces the corporate tax rate and treats all industries equally would provide a mix of benefits, including the creation of up to 327,000 new retail jobs, higher wages, lower prices for consumers, and increased capital investment.

The report also finds that in addition to being America’s second-largest private employer, the retail industry pays the fourth-highest domestic effective tax rate at 36.4 percent, more than 10 percentage points above the average for all other industries…

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Study Shows S Corps Pay Their Fair Share – And Then Some

Press Release, S Corporation Association

Today, the National Federation of Independent Business and the S Corporation Association released a new study showing that S corporations pay the highest effective rates of any business type.

The study, authored by Quantria Strategies, LLC, compares the tax burden different business entities will shoulder in 2013 and finds that S corporations will pay the highest average effective tax rate (31.6 percent of their income), followed by partnerships (29.4 percent), C corporations (17.8 percent) and Sole Proprietorships (15.1 percent)…

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Many small business pay higher effective tax rates than large corporations

By Kent Hoover, The Business Journals

Small businesses organized as S corporations pay the highest effective tax rates of any type of businesses in the U.S.

That’s according to a study conducted by Quantria on behalf of the National Federation of Independent Business and the S Corporation Association.