Coalition for Fair Effective Tax Rates Sends Letter to Senate Finance Chairman Wyden

WASHINGTON, D.C., May 27, 2014 –The below letter was sent today, to Chairman Wyden of the Senate Finance Committee

May 27, 2014

Dear Chairman Wyden,

The Coalition for Fair Effective Tax Rates congratulates you on your chairmanship of the Senate Finance Committee and offers our assistance in your fight for comprehensive tax reform.

Our coalition is comprised of all types and sizes of businesses – large and small, corporations and businesses that pay taxes through the individual rate system. More than 1,500,000 businesses are members through their trade associations.

Our mission is one that we now know you share: The need to overhaul the broken income tax system in a way that narrows the significant disparities that exist between industries in effective tax rates, the amount that businesses actually pay in taxes.

We were heartened to read your op ed this month in the Wall Street Journal. You wrote: “Few companies pay the full 35%, but some come close and others pay next to nothing. Effective tax rates vary wildly by industry; the entire system flunks the fairness test.”

We could not agree more. We, too, want to simplify the code, cut tax rates and reduce those disparities. We concur that the wide differences in effective tax rates are blatantly unfair. We also believe that using effective rates is the only reliable way to measure the success or failure of tax reform.

Tax reform, as you’ve said, is both necessary and hard to accomplish. We gladly worked with both Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) of the House Ways and Means Committee and your predecessor at the Finance Committee, Max Baucus (D-Mont), to move reform forward. We would like to do the same with you.

The Coalition for Fair Effective Tax Rates is eager to work with you in your quest to fix the broken tax code.


Management Committee, Coalition for Fair Effective Tax Rates

National Federation of Independent Business, Co-chair

Retail Industry Leaders Association, Co-chair

Associated Builders & Contractors

Associated General Contractors

International Foodservice Distributors Association

International Franchise Association

National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors

S Corporation Association

Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council